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Many of our Toronto Metal Roofing installations are replacement roofs. Common asphalt and fiberglass shingles start to worsen the instant that they are installed. The home’s beauty and security is quickly compromised by unsightly streaking and curling. A home’s interior is at risk to high heat, water damage and the elements since asphalt shingles begin to lose their granules and inferior proactive quality while the roof is only days old. ’30-year shingles’ hardly last past 10-12 years, all the while keeping your energy costs high and your home unattractive. Around Toronto, Metal Roofing has become quite popular and in demand on many homes – where people choose to have it done right the first time.

Our expertise in helping you choose the best option for roofing your home comes with professional installation and great customer service. We have years of experience in Toronto Metal Roofing, and you can depend on us to deliver a quality roof that lasts.

When purchasing a new roof, take into consideration that metal roofs will last a long time. Every 10 years shingles are thrown away, but a metal roof that will last over 50 years, can then be recycled, making it a highly sustainable product. Our roof’s are energy efficient; reducing your heating and cooling bills by one-third. So wait no longer and call in today! Traditional shingles can not be installed in the winter season but a metal roof can be installed in any season.

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