Steel Roofing


Our expertise in helping you choose the best option for steel roofing your home comes with professional installation and great customer service. We have years of experience in steel roofing and you can depend on us to deliver a quality roof that lasts.

Steel roofing is an aesthetically pleasing and affordable roofing solution and is available in a variety of colours. Steel roofing offers exceptionally low life-cycle costs and durability.

The steel withstands the hard rain of summer and sheds the snow of winter. Our PVC finish will remain flexible on the hottest summer days or the coldest winter nights. Because the finish remains flexible you get a quality product.

With our steel roofing so you’ll have a worry-free roofing solution all year round. The extremely long life-cycle, EnergyStar ratings, recycled content and full recycle-ability of our profiles make Armadillo Building Products’ roofing your ‘green’ choice.

Because of their excellent property to shed snow, steel roofing panels are the ideal for isolated summer homes and cottages. Snow never builds up, instead sliding off the roof when the weather turns milder, preventing water infiltration from melting snow and ice in the spring. Steel roofing thus prevents heavy snow loads and collapsing roofs, and eliminates the need to come out in the middle of winter to shovel the snow from the roof.

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