Roofing Metal


One of the biggest advantages of the roofing metal is the multitude of design options. You pick your base material, a profile and your colour—white reflects the most sun, which helps keep the house cool. And many styles resemble traditional roofing material, like asphalt shingles, clay, Spanish, mission or Victorian tiles, slate, shakes and panels, all while providing the benefits of roofing metal. Roofing metal comes in a variety of sizes, as the thickness of a metal shingle has a direct impact on how long it lasts and how long it will keep its form. The higher the gauge—which is usually between 24- to 29-gauge—the thinner the metal, and the lower the price tag. So don’t let price be your main concern. If you’re going to make an investment, make it right and don’t cheap out on a higher gauge.

Roofing failures occur unless roofing metal is designed with the natural and normal metal expansion and contraction process in mind. Expansion and contraction happen between night-time and daytime. This can stress the fastener.

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