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A metal roof will cost 2-3 times more than an asphalt roof, but it will last at least three times as long, saving the homeowner from spending countless money on new roofing. It’s a smart investment, especially if the homeowner is planning on living in the home for many years. Not all metal roofing materials are the same, and installation techniques for new roofing are critical when it comes to your metal roof’s performance and longevity. Homeowners must research manufacturers and their products, including their testing and standards. We have made it our duty to do this research and provide our customers with the best possible scenario when finalizing choices for new roofing. Our steel roofs are designed for demanding Canadian climate and withstand years and years of fluctuating conditions, from spring rains, summer heat to ice-cold winter.

Steel and aluminium panels can be used in both new construction and re-roofing applications. Basic steps to installing a new roofing include preparing the existing roof for a new install. Once the roof deck is prepared, covered with vapour permeable membrane and wood strapping; the starting flashing, inside hip, gables and valleys are installed first. Next the custom cut steel panels are fastened to wood strapping. The outside gable, wall flashing, ridge caps, end caps and snow guards are installed last. This allows for a proper watertight seal and prepares your roof for all four seasons.

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