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Metal Roofing

Armadillo’s premium metal roofing systems provide you with a lifetime of lasting beauty and protection, making it one of the most cost effective roofing options on the market today.

Armadillo’s superior 4-way interlocking design and flexible clip system creates a weather-tight and hurricane force wind-resistant bond, providing you with the highest hail and wing uplift performance in the industry.

Armadillo’s roofing shingles are Energy Star rated and will keep your home cooler and energy efficient. Our paint finish has a specialized embedded pigment that reflects the sun’s powerful rays, reducing the heat gain in your attic by up to 30%. Made from quality recycled locally purchased steel, our metal shingles can be installed right over existing asphalt. This reduces the need for messy waste and landfill disposal.

Armadillo metal shingles are made from heavy gauge G-90 galvanized steel coated with a Kynar 500 PVDF fluoropolymer finish. An Armadillo Roof will not chip, peel, blister or crack. Fade and Rust protection is backed by a lifetime non pro-rated warranty.

“Nothing protects you better than an Armadillo Roof.“

Armadillo’s two distinct designs, Slate and Shake, are available in low gloss, matte finish colors that will transform the appearance of your home beyond anything you thought possible. Hence, we have created our own metal roofing simulator for you to picture your new metal roof.

Beautify Your home. Fortify Your Investment.








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