Metal Roofing Engineered For Life

Never re-roof again.

Engineered for life and designed for beauty.

Armadillo Building Products boasts a Canadian Made product line, utilizing high tensile metals combined with the industry’s top performing Kynar 500® PVDF coatings.

The engineers at Armadillo Building Products take a great deal of pride in knowing they have developed the top rated metal roofing system in the market utilizing the top performing suppliers.

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Armadillo Building Products has and will continue to make GREEN choices with Manufacturing, Design, and Product Offerings, because in today’s marketplace the GREEN choice is the right choice. In order to decrease our company’s carbon footprint, we have taken significant steps to use recycled materials while still producing products above the industry standard. At Armadillo Building Products, we didn’t ‘reinvent the wheel’ on coated metal building products; though after 80 years of engineering, Armadillo Building Products has made it perfect! Armadillo Building Products has made sure that your metal roofs are energy efficient and eco-friendly simultaneously. All of the shingles we produce are produced from locally purchased recycled steel in Canada. At Armadillo Building Products, we have made it a priority do our part in creating an eco-friendly product for our customers. All while, providing you with a lifetime of lasting beauty and protection, making it cost effective as well.

Beautify Your home. Fortify Your Investment.








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