Marketing a roofing business can be a bit difficult. It only get harder if you do not know what the competition is doing. It make you start over and over again from the beginning trying to figure out which strategies work and which ones do not, burning up a lot of precious time and money in the process. Luckily for you, there is an easy was to find out just how your competition does their marketing.

How you may ask?

There is a wide assortment of tools online for your disposal to get a leg up on the competition to see what they are doing to market their roofing business. These powerful tools will give you a real sense of what types of content your competition is creating, how they are promoting it, and how well it is working.

Having all this valuable info only a few clicks away will give you the opportunity to improve your own marketing strategy and create a plan to leave the competition in the dust.

The Spy Tool Arsenal

In this post, we will look at six amazing tools that will help you spy on the marketing campaigns of your competitors and get real advantage over them in the process.

1. Ahrefs


If your are looking for a way to determine how well your competitors optimize their websites for search engines, the look no further than Ahrefs. You can use Ahrefs to find a ton of information on your competitors’ sites such as domain authority and referring domains. Ahrefs can also show you which sites link to your competitors’.

You can also see their best preforming pages, external links and all the keywords that they use to rank on Google.

Ahrefs also lets you track your own rankings to see what you are doing well and what you need to work on.

2. SimilarWeb

Knowing exactly how much web traffic your competitors is getting and where their traffic is coming from is vital info that can aid you drastically improve your marketing strategy. if you need a tool that provides you all this valuable information, get SimilarWeb.

This tool is so easy to use, all you need to do is type in the URL of the competitors website and you will get a complete breakdown of their website. This includes an overview of how long people visit their site and how many people immediately bounce off their site. You can also the websites audience demographics and interests to help you pin point the exact person that needs to see your ad.

With SimilarWeb, you can also see which external websites are directing traffic to theirs. This can help you use these websites as well to direect traffic to your own website. You are able to see what pages visitors go on once they land on your competitors website.

3. Buzzumo

This is a necessary tool to have for any business that is in content marketing. Buzzumo lets you interpret all the content your competitors put out and see what topics do they cover as well as determine which pieces of content preform the best.

By seeing all your competitors’ content, you can easily create content ideas and rank them by popularity.  Buzzumo is the best at this because all the content you are looking at is already trending in your target market.

You can also see all the websites that link to you competitors’ contents see who is sharing all their content.

Creating a strategy to see what type on content you should put out gets a lot easier once you know what the competition is doing. There is no better tool to use than Bizzumo.

4. WhatRunsHere

The ultimate tool to track all of your competitors’ advertising campaigns.

With WhatRunsHere, you can see where the competition are ad dollars in, as well these campaigns are preforming. Use this crucial data to find the best place to market your roofing business according to your target audience.

The reason why WhatRunsMe is the best tool for the job is that it also gives you historical data. You can search up to the previous five years to see how the competition has changed their advertising strategies over time.

WhatRunsME is a enormous database ad networks and publishers, so finding the places where your competitors are advertising will not be a problem at all.


5. Mailcharts

You have probably already signed up all the newsletters of the competition just to determine their email marketing strategy. The problem with this is that your email client is now flooded with all these emails making it difficult to actually analyze them efficiently. Luckily there is a tool for this as well.

Using Mailcharts significantly streamlines your email marketing research. Using this tool can help you find the latest emails from the competition as well as stats like the length of the emails and how long it takes to send the emails.

Using the infromation that this tool gives you, helps you create a much more concise and focused email campaign. Mailcharts provides you info on how your competition lay out their content, letting you make your own email timeline to bow them out of the water.


6. Mention

Mention is very useful too track any keyword on forums, blogs and social media. This tool can track all the contents that the competition sends out as soon as it is released. It can also track the content that is featuring the competition. using this will let you comprehend your competitors’ marketing strategy better.

By knowing where the competition is online, you can find out much easier where their traffic is coming from and figure out what their audience thinks about them. this will give you a great opportunity to snag anyone of their unsatisfied customers and turn them into your own.


Always Know What the Competition is Doing

If you want to run a thriving roofing company, knowing what the competition is doing is an absolute must. By keeping an eye on them constantly lets you know what they are doing well and what they are not letting you capitalize at the perfect opportunity.

By using all these powerful tools, you can easily crush the competition and they will not see it coming.


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