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Who is Armadillo Building Products

Armadillo Building Products is one of the industries' premium roofing building products manufacturers, bringing you some of the most technologically advanced steel and composite roofing materials in the marketplace today

Engineered For Life

The engineers at Armadillo Building Products gathered and dissected all available metal roofing options throughout North America to put them through extensive weathering tests and gauge their long term performance. From this information they designed the most durable and lasting metal roofing system available today!

Designed for Beauty

Working with industry architects and home owners the Armadillo Design Team put together any array of colors and combined them with the two most in demand designs. Armor Shake and Armor Slate. The beauty is in the details. While the industry standard is to single stamp the roof shingle, Armadillo products are double stamped to bring a true depth that can be appreciated from a distance.

experience the Difference

Tens of thousands of home owners across North America have made the choice to get away from the “Asphalt Re-Roofing Cycle” and get the job done right with a permanent, life time, metal roof.

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About Us

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Engineered for life and designed for beauty. Never re-roof again. Ever.

        Armadillo Building Products boasts a Canadian Made product line, utilizing high tensile metals combined with the industry’s top performing Kynar 500® PVDF coatings.
         A solvent based coating, PVDF has been applied – under the tradename KYNAR 500® – for over 35 years to various metallic substrates and has demonstrated outstanding weather ability in terms of Color Stability and Gloss Retention. Each year millions of m2 of KYNAR 500® coated metal are supplied by Coil and Spray Coaters to the construction industry.
        Armadillo Building Products has and will continue to make GREEN choices with Manufacturing, Design, and Product Offerings, because in today’s marketplace the GREEN choice is the right choice. We didn't 'reinvent the wheel' on coated metal building products; though after 80 years of engineering, we Armadillo Building Products has made it perfect!

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